NOTE: Gloves should always be used when handling and applying the solution. Protective eyewear is also recommended.
1.      Clean Area of Application thoroughly with soap and water.
2.      Pat down the surface with a towel and let dry.
3.      Apply solution to areas of application by squeezing it out of the bottle and using a painters brush to spread.
Avoiding areas of the soles that do not require clearing, such as traction pods. If solution is applied onto undesired surfaces, simply wipe off with a damp cloth.
For midsole whitening, apply solution to the midsole only and avoid the upper portion of the shoe. 
4.      After applying the solution to the desired areas of the sole, cover the sole surface with plastic wrap.
*Before exposing shoes to sunlight, it is important to keep the sole cool. A method we use to cool the sole is using ice bags inserted into the shoe. This step is very important in preventing sole seperation. If this step is skipped, the chance of sole serpation is increased.
Ice bags are readily available on our site. This applies to Sole Clearing only.
5. Open Ice Bag and insert ice cubes with a little water to spread the coolness. Screw cap on tightly then insert Ice Bag into the shoe.
6. Be sure to push the Ice Bag into the shoe as much as possible.
7.      Expose the sole of the shoe to sunlight* or alternate source of UV. When exposing the sole to sunlight, be sure to monitor the drippage of the solution. Recommended session time is 30 - 60 minutes, but can be longer depending on weather.
8. When the solution has broken down and become "watery", take the shoes out of the sun and repeat steps 1-7 until desired results are reached.
*Please note that extended exposure to the sun and heat can cause sole separation and it is recommended to use a combination of a cooling solution such as an electric fan, cold ice packs inside the shoes, and constant monitoring during sessions of sun exposure to keep the sole surface temperature low. Methods like the ice pack makes the solution last longer on the shoe. Also note the position of the shoe when exposing the sole to sunlight. In most cases, the position of the shoe will cause the solution to drip onto undesired areas. Make sure that these areas are properly protected.
**In case of exposure to skin/hands, immediately wash hands with soap and water before the solution reacts with skin. If not washed immediately, skin will turn white temporarily but will return to normal after a short amount of time. In the case of exposure to eyes, wash eyes out immediately and a consult a medical professional